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Volcanic Hazards resources  

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Provide URL or citation for books, articles, videos, or websites you find useful to teach about volcanic hazards.


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This post was editted by Katryn Wiese on Feb, 2012
Smithsonian Global Volcanic Program

Volcano -- National Geographic Video (came AFTER the famous Kraft Volcano! video and describes, for 20 minutes of this video, the lives and deaths of the Krafts)


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IAVCEI volcanic hazards videos


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USGS Photoglossary

VHub Resource Warehouse


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Popular Articles:

MARGINS Min-Lesson Collections:

URI Graduate School of Oceanography Online Labs:

Digital Planet:


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Not a link, but I use Google Earth heavily when I talk about volcanoes so that students can "see" the different types of volcanoes and where they are relative to plate boundaries.

They enjoy viewing the historical imagery in Google Earth when available.


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This is redundant, but I use USGS volcano hazard website alot

CNN and BBC for latest news of current events, such as Mt Etna


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