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Does the low diversity of microfossils in Archean sedimentary rocks reflect a low diversity of microbial life in the Archean?

submitted by Mark Skidmore, Montana State University; Joel Thompson, Eckerd College; and Stanley Awramik, University of California, Santa Barbara

Why is this question important?

The diversity of life in the Archean is a key component in the history/development of life on Earth

What we know...

How to link this topic to the classroom

This may be used in Historical Geology, Paleontology, or Geomicrobiology courses.

This question may be supplemented with images from thin sections from microbial fossils and modern analogous environments showing greater diversity, such as those found at Microbial Life - Educational Resources, and/or a video of microbial fossils (e.g. Gunflint chert)

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