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If you have dropped in from somewhere else, you might wish to start with the either the introduction to our Course Design Tutorial itself or the introduction page for faculty professional development for those who want to adapt or adopt our Course Design workshop.

Alternative workshop formats

Faculty member at course design workshop
What if you don't have a block of time to devote to a four-day, face-to-face workshop? Here are some alternatives, in decreasing order of face time.

Several one-day workshops

A one-day or day-and-a-half workshop to get people started

A 90-minute catalyst presentation

An online workshop

Independent work with the online tutorial

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©2005 On-line Course Design Workshop and Tutorial developed by Dr. Barbara J. Tewksbury (Hamilton College) and Dr. R. Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary) as part of the program On the Cutting Edge, funded by NSF grant DUE-0127310.

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