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Assessment Tools

Below are links to assessment tools and techniques along with specific geoscience examples and resources.

Carol Ormand's toolbox, complete with rock hammer. Photo courtesy of Carol Ormand.
  • Concept Maps - A diagramming technique for assessing how well students see the "big picture".
  • ConcepTests - Conceptual multiple-choice questions that are useful in large classes.
  • Knowledge Survey - Students answer whether they could answer a survey of course content questions.
  • Exams - Find tips on how to make exams better assessment instruments.
  • Oral Presentations - Tips for evaluating student presentations.
  • Poster Presentations - Tips for evaluating poster presentations.
  • Peer Review - Having students assess themselves and each other.
  • Portfolios - A collection of evidence to demonstrate mastery of a given set of concepts.
  • Rubrics - A set of evaluation criteria based on learning goals and student performance.
  • Written Reports - Tips for assessing written reports.
  • Other Assessment Types Includes concept sketches, case studies, seminar-style courses, mathematical thinking and performance assessments.
  • Topics Of Particular Interest

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