Workshop Information

When? Where? and What?

The 2005 DLESE Data Services Workshop was held April 18-20, 2005 at the Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center in scenic Breckenridge, Colorado. The workshop provided the opportunity for data providers, data access and analysis tool developers, scientists, curriculum developers, and educators to interact with one another in a variety of sessions, to work toward the goal of facilitating the use of data in education.


The 2005 workshop had the broad theme of Earth system science with some particular attention on the Water Cycle and Human Impacts on the system. Our goal is to focus on processes at the boundaries of the traditional geosciences disciplines. We encouraged individuals involved in hydrology, atmospheric sciences, ocean sciences, and solid Earth as well as regional climate and societal impact experts to attend. We also invited curriculum developers and educators who teach topics within and across these fields at the high school level or above to participate in the meeting.


At the workshop, attendees were grouped into teams that included a data provider, analysis tools expert, scientist, curriculum developer, and an educator. Team members spent five breakout sessions working together to develop a data-rich educational module, drawing upon the expertise of individuals in each role on the team. This practical exercise enabled team members to learn from each other about the needs, practices, and expectations of the other groups.


Hotel rooms, breakfasts, lunches, and breaks were covered by the conference. Dinners were on your own, giving participants the opportunity to network with small groups and experience the local flavor of Breckenridge. Guests had the opportunity to arrive a day or two early to enjoy Breckenridge had the opportunity to book a hotel room for the conference rate of $85 per night. Airfare and ground transportation stipends were made available for a majority of the participants.

Workshop Overview

Data Services Workshops bring together a wide range of professionals who have a stake in getting data used in educational settings: Earth science data providers, data access and analysis tool developers, scientists, curriculum developers, and educators work together to explore and address issues regarding data use.

Plenary sessions inform attendees about a wide range of issues and proposed solutions regarding data access, analysis, and use. Presenters demonstrate a variety of strategies for using data, including data access technologies and analysis tools for research in a variety of science disciplines.

Small groups (Teams) with members representing the full range of roles who attend the workshop, work together to develop data-rich educational modules. The small working group atmosphere elicits the skills and expertise of each team member, and allows them to see issues of data access, analysis, and use from new perspectives.

A report entitled "Facilitating the Use of Data in Education" will be developed using information from the workshop. The report will include descriptions of the characteristics of "ideal" data sites and analysis tools as well as tips for scientists, curriculum developers, and educators to help build their data access and analysis skills. We encourage attendees to submit Data Access Anecdotes that illustrate challenges and solutions to using data in education.