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This page authored by Lydia Fox, University of the Pacific.
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Initial Publication Date: May 10, 2007


The course journal is designed to help students be reflective about what they are learning in the course and to connect course material to their everyday lives. Students are encouraged to use the journal to develop ideas for using earth sciences in their future classrooms.

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Learning Goals

The objectives of this assignment are:
  • to encourage reflection about what and how you are learning.
  • to encourage development of writing skills.
  • to encourage retention and synthesis of course material (going beyond short-term memorization).

Context for Use

Students write in their journal throughout the entire semester. There are times when I assign directed entries to be written in class and other entires (the majority) are written outside of class.

Description and Teaching Materials

Journal Assignment (Microsoft Word 51kB May9 07)

Teaching Notes and Tips



I collect the journals periodically (every 2-3 weeks) and provide the students with feedback on their entries.

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