How to Use Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

Initial Publication Date: November 17, 2008

Getting Started

A POGIL approach can be implemented in a variety of ways, from completely converting the classroom (or laboratory) to a POGIL learning environment to scheduling POGIL experiences on a relatively infrequent but regular basis throughout the course. Attending a workshop or observing a classroom is strongly recommended as the first step.

  • Attend a workshop. POGIL workshops are offered around the U.S. throughout the year. Both 1-day and 3-day workshops, focusing on introduction to POGIL, lab, writing, and others are available. Check the POGIL website for updates.
  • Read the Instructor's Guide to POGIL. The guide is available for free as a pdf file.
  • Access Published Guided Inquiry Exercises. Materials for several chemistry subjects are published. Many others are being developed in the areas of Analytical, Inorganic, Biochemistry, and Introductory Biology. Contact the POGIL office for more information on these (
  • Download POGIL laboratory exercises. Laboratory exercises for general chemistry can be found here. Laboratory exercises for organic chemistry can be found here.
  • Write Effective Guided Inquiry Exercises. A Writing Guide is available. There are also rubrics available for evaluating written activities.
  • Implement POGIL in Large Classes. In large classes, POGIL can be implemented via recitation sessions or by using student response devices as a method of monitoring all of the groups and providing some pacing for the activity. A white paper is available that describes implementation of POGIL in large classroom environments.