The MnSCU-PKAL Partnership

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is collaborating with PKAL in order to more deeply integrate pedagogies of engagement within the classroom and the campus culture, with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math teaching and learning. This site provides information and workspaces that support this partnership.

Sharing Our Work: Capstone to celebrate our collaboration!

It is time to showcase and celebrate our work! Faculty were invited to participate by creating a classroom activity or assignment that uses a Pedagogy of Engagement. A peer review process was used so that they received feedback and were able to improve their activity. After final submission, we unveiled a collection of MnSCU STEM Activities!

To unveil and celebrate the collection, a special event was held at the Realizing Student Potential Conference February 26 - 27, 2010 at Minneapolis Community and Technical College

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View the collection of Peer Reviewed Teaching Activities generated by Sharing Our Work.

Partnership Workshops

As part of this collaboration, workshops have been held for teams of STEM faculty and administrators. The workshops featured introductions to various pedagogies of engagement, special topics of interest such as workforce partnerships and STEM facilities, and time for campus teams to create action plans for their campuses.

Find out more about these workshops.

Your Contributions

Teaching Activities contributed by MnSCU Participants
Upload the teaching activities that you have developed as a result of your involvement in this partnership. What worked? What will you modify the next time?

Making Connections

Campus Sites
In this wiki-like space participants can create pages and update existing pages as needed to support the ongoing work of the project. To be included is the campus Plan for Action as developed by each campus team at PKAL workshops. Campuses are encouraged to update their plan, add photos, etc.

Online Discussion
Join the existing discussions or start a thread on a new topic. Topics can include the various pedagogies of engagement, ideas for sharing your experiences with your colleagues, and other topics from the PKAL workshops.

Important Links

MnSCU STEM Website is the place for information about STEM initiatives. Photos included!

MnSCU STEM Google Group is available for discussions and announcements about a variety of MnSCU STEM initiatives. Please join our group!

Check out the full suite of pedagogic modules available in the SERC Pedagogy in Action website.

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