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Position Paper: Where to Send NASA's Next Big Mission
John Weiss, Carleton College
An opinion essay (in the style of an Op-Ed) wherein students argue for sending NASA's next large mission to a particular solar system target. Arguments are based on data and (where possible) numbers.

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Argument Analysis Activity for Philosophy Students
Jason Decker, Carleton College
In this exercise, students are asked to give a careful logical analysis of a philosophical argument. This involves breaking the argument down into premises, sub-conclusions, and a main conclusion, mapping the inferential connections between the foregoing in a numbered argument, and then evaluating the resulting argument for deductive validity and soundness.

Mining the News
Carol Rutz, Carleton College
This is a series of short assignments that require students to locate appropriate journalistic texts and employ rhetorical analysis: Mining the News.

Evaluate alcohol use in early America
Cliff Clark, Carleton College
An analysis of the numerical data on American drinking practices in the early nineteenth century.

A Peer Review Guide for Poster Assignments
D Foxgrover, Carleton College; Kathy Evertz, Carleton College

Preparing for a Data Rich Research Project
Paula Lackie, Carleton College

Writing Psychology Results Sections
Mija Van Der Wege, Carleton College

Evolutionary Computation: Research Project Proposal to Analyze and Replicate the Experimental Results of a Published Research Article
Original activity authored by Sherri Goings, Carleton College.
Students choose a published paper in a specific research field and write a research proposal as if they were the original researchers before the research was completed. The proposal included the question the paper is meant to address, the thesis or theses proposed, and the planned experiments to answer the question.

Research Guide for English 100: Globalization
Iris Jastram, Carleton College
Library research guide for ENGL 100: Globalization. Includes four sections: Finding Books and Articles, Evaluating What You Find Online, Have A Citation But Want To Find The Actual Text?, and Citing Your Sources.

Corpus-based Latin Word Comparison
Christopher Polt, Carleton College
This exercise is a corpus-based analysis of a single word in Latin poetry to determine the different connotations that authors imbue their diction with.

Literature and Data Search Library Session
Kristin Partlo, Carleton College
A library session focused on building upon a robust literature search in order to search for data.

Essay question: When, if ever, is it permissible to have an abortion?
Daniel Groll, Carleton College
This is an essay question on abortion for an entry level philosophy class. Students must state their view, and construct an argument for it, in light of the class readings.

Composing Grant Proposal Budgets: A Graphical Aid
Christopher Tassava, Carleton College
This document allows a grant applicant to better understand the components of a standard grant budget, to develop various elements on a specific grant budget, and to link a budget to other parts of the proposal. The document is specific to Carleton College but can readily incorporate other institutions' information.

Hellenistic Scholarship: Scientific and Literary Inquiry
Kathryn Steed, Carleton College
Through exploration of Hellenistic scholarship, students will explain how ancient scientists reached their conclusions and will identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of those conclusions.

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