Assess We Can!

Effective Grading for Assessment: How to Turn Assignment and Course Grading into a Helpful Component of Program Assessment

December 7, 2010 1:00-5:00 PM
Alumni Guest House Meeting Room

When we grade student work, we engage in a process that also includes designing assignments and establishing standards within the particular context of a course and curriculum. When we assess how well students in our programs attain particular learning outcomes, we examine evidence of student learning accumulated through many assignments and courses. It seems obvious, then, that program assessments will be easier, better and more sustainable if it's connected in some way to grading. So - how can we make one set of decisions (on grades, within our classes) serve the assessment purposes as well? Under what circumstances might we be able to use grades to help assess student learning at the program level?

In this short, focused half-day workshop, we'll explore how some of our colleagues are designing assignments and grading standards and we'll develop approaches that will help each of us.

As a part of this workshop, participants are expected to share descriptions of two assignments they use in their classes and to take part in discussions on the Discussion Board before and after the workshop.

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