Workshop Overview

Workshop Goals | Dates | Expectations | Cost | Application | Facilities | For More Information

Longer Description of the topics of discussion and activities to be conducted at the workshop.

Workshop Goals

Optional intro text with:

  • bulleted
  • list
  • of
  • explicit
  • goals


Dates of workshop. Be clear about start and end points to minimize the number of people arriving late or leaving early.


What are the participants expected to do:

  • before the workshop - readings, submit activities, submit course descriptions
  • during the workshop - participate in all sessions, complete activity reviews
  • after the workshop - any follow on activities

The code of conduct that applies to the workshop should be called out in this section, along with the expectation that participants review and abide by it.


Are there costs for the participants associated with the workshop? What are they, when are they due, and how do participants pay them?

Application and Selection Criteria

Give prospective participants information about who is eligible to apply for the workshop and what criteria will be used to select the final roster of participants.


Describe the facilities where the workshop will take place. Particularly important if the venue is not a standard type of meeting place like a hotel (a field camp, a working laboratory, college or university campus).

For More Information

Provide contact information for someone who can answer questions that participants might have. Could be one of the conveners or a WebTeam member associated with the project.