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New SERC Logo
Posted: Oct 21 2020

SERC has a new logo, evocative of SERC's long-standing work in the Earth education community and beyond. We'll be using this logo both online and in print to indicate projects on which SERC is a collaborator. If you're partnering with SERC and would like to include this new logo in your materials you can learn more on our logo style guide.

Apply to Serve as an Associate Editor for JGE
Posted: Oct 14 2020

Do you enjoy reviewing manuscripts and providing constructive feedback to authors? Are you interested in engaging more deeply in the review process? Would you like to be more involved in the geoscience education community? If so, you might be interested in serving as an Associate Editor. Read about the Associate Editor responsibilities and qualifications.

Become an E-CURE Pilot
Posted: Oct 13 2020

E-CURE is currently accepting applications to pilot its online system for evaluating the effectiveness of Course-based Undergraduate Research (CUREs). Consider participating if you are running a CURE in the 2021-2022 school year and are interested in understanding its impact.

Serckit Editor Update August 2020
Posted: Aug 20 2020

If you're editing pages on SERC sites there's now a new editor with features like collaborative editing. Learn more about the features of this new editor

Registration Deadlines for Upcoming NAGT Webinar Series
Posted: Jul 31 2020

Upcoming registration deadlines for the NAGT Webinar Series!