Initial Publication Date: June 11, 2024

SERC Logo Style Guide

Introduced in the fall of 2020, the SERC logo is a used directly by SERC to brand its work as well as by SERC partners to indicate their collaboration with SERC around shared projects. This page documents the appropriate use of the SERC logo and provides versions of the logo appropriate for different contexts. Questions about use of the logo should be directed to your project's contact at SERC.

The Logo Comes in Four Variants

The four variants of the logo are appropriate for use in different contexts as described below. In addition to the preferred, full-color version there are greyscale versions if color is not available. Next to each image below we indicate the image id number (for use within Serckit) for versions of the image. Click the image id number in the caption to go to the details page which provides a direct link to the image file.

Small Horizontal Logo

This is the preferred version of the logo for general use, including small spaces.

Small Vertical Logo

For use in spaces where the horizontal version above won't fit.

Medium Logo

For use in print documents or other locations where the SERC acronym should be spelled out.

Large Format Logo

Appropriate for posters or other situations where you have lots of space to fill.

Fonts and Colors

The font in the logo is Montserrat.  The RGB values for the colors are: #02526b (dark blue), #2b6c36 (dark green), #41abc3 (light blue), #81c45a (light green).

Use Guidelines

  1. Do not add or subtract elements from the logo or make new variations.
  2. Do not rotate logo.
  3. Do not distort logo.
  4. Do not change the background.
  5. Do not change the colors.
  6. Do not change the font.
  7. Leave sufficient whitespace around the logo.  The distance between any element of the logo and any surrounding (non-logo) element should be at a minimum equal to half the height of the capital 'S' in the logo itself.