Activity Sheets

Activity sheets are web pages that contain a description of a classroom, lab or field activity and include related files and handouts. The format for activity pages is standardized across the SERC websites. Activity sheets are designed to:
  1. Provide all of the information a faculty member needs to successfully implement an activity
  2. Enable faculty to readily determine if they want to learn more about this example

The Parts of an Activity

Each activity is structured with 8 parts:

  • Heading which contains the activity title, author attribution, email, a brief summary of activity, and a related image that provides context with visual appeal
  • Measurable goals for student learning
  • Context for using in different teaching situations
  • Activity description, and teaching materials needed to implement the activity
  • Teaching notes and tips for instructor
  • Assessment which describes how instructor will measure students' achievement of learning goals
  • Resources, references or links to other online information in support of the specific activity
  • Short description which is displayed in search return results

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