Human Impacts and Hazards

This page was written by Denny Capps as part of the DLESE Community Services Project: Integrating Research in Education.

Thermal image of Yellowstone Fires.
Thermal image of Yellowstone Fires. Details


Resources describing the impacts and hazards associated with Yellowstone volcanics.


Resources describing seismic hazards and impacts in Yellowstone.


Maps describing the hazards associated with Yellowstone.

Thermal features

Resources describing human impacts on, and hazards associated with, Yellowstone's thermal features.


Resources describing hazards associated with floods in Yellowstone.

Anthropogenic effects

Resources describing the human impacts on the Yellowstone geoecosystem.

Wildland fires

Resources describing the hazards and impacts related to wildland fires in Yellowstone.

Additional Literature

Additional useful literature about Yellowstone.

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