DLESE Community Services Center

Funding for DLESE Community Services has come to an end. These pages are provided for historical reference only.

Quarterly Reports of the DLESE Community Services Center:

K-12 Community Higher Education Community

Goals of DLESE Community Services:

The primary goals of the DLESE Community Service Center are:

  1. increase the current resource user and contributor base to include greater numbers of K-12, informal, and college educators and students,
  2. diversify the DLESE user and contributor base to include rich and robust representation of ethnic, cultural, and differently-abled groups,
  3. improve the ability of users and contributors to easily find, adapt, and effectively use high quality digital resources in their classrooms, laboratories, and communities, and
  4. demonstrate how DLESE can support community activity addressing issues in geoscience education.

Power Point presentation describing DLESE and the role of Community Services (PowerPoint 828kB Jul25 03)

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Higher Education Community Efforts will be lead by:

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