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Climate of Change part of Climate of Change
In this two to three week module, students explore short-term climate variability resulting from atmosphere-ocean-ice interactions. The module promotes awareness of past and contemporary cultures and regions ...

InTeGrate Developed This material was developed and reviewed through the InTeGrate curricular materials development process.
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Building Blocks part of Environmental Geology:Activities
In association with rock and mineral ID tables, this lab introduces students to basic rocks and minerals via grouping and comparison, rather than as individual samples. I use this lab in my environmental geology ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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GEOS 430 Hydrogeology part of Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Courses
Many of Earth's surface environments are governed by the interaction of water with earth materials. This course introduces students to the nature of these interactions, utilizing qualitative, quantitative, ...

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Theory, Knowledge, & the Need for a New Science part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Earth Education for Sustainable Societies:Essays
Cynthia Fadem, Earlham College An Earth Education that supports sustainable societies Supports society from the ground up, taking an inclusive whole-society and whole-environment approach, including the natural, ...


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