Pre-Workshop Writing Assignment

Prior to the workshop, participants were tasked with the following writing assignment, which they completed using a discussion board. Their discussion was used in preparation for the initial brainstorming exercise and for the collaborative writing process. The content of the participants' discussion is not publicly available.

Our goal for this meeting is to conduct a retrospective analysis of the NSDL and its community. The baseline for this work is the Pathways to Progress document that was written in 2000. Some of you participated in the workgroups that put together that document and some of you joined the NSDL community well after that document was distributed. Each person who is attending this meeting was invited because of the unique perspective about the NSDL that they have and can share.

This is no small task, as I'm sure you are realizing. So, to help us focus our efforts, we would appreciate it if you would take a few moments to jot down your thoughts about the following questions. We'd greatly appreciate it if you could do this by April 16th so that we have enough time to collate and organize the responses for the meeting.

No need to write formally, if you'd simply like to add a comment or two, please do so. Longer comments are more than welcome, of course!

Discussion board topics:

  • How has the original vision for the NSDL been realized?
  • How has it developed over time?
  • What new knowledge has been generated as a result of the project?
  • How does NSDL relate to future cyberlearning programs?

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