Workshops and Events


Numerous workshops have been convened in recent years to a) introduce nanoscience to new audiences, b) aggregate and disseminate information about new advances in nanoscience, and c) to begin to build robust, interdisciplinary communities to engage more researchers, instructors and students in nanoscience. Each of the following workshop webpages contains the programs with links to all presentations that are available for you to use, along with summaries of group discussions on related topics of interest.

2021 Workshop for the NNCI Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Research Community

May 24-25, with optional 'Office Hours with Experts' on May 26, 2021.

2018 NanoEarth Workshop

an invitational workshop convened to identify emerging scientific discoveries of nanoscience in the Earth system; workshop outcome was the 2019 Science article by Hochella et al., (in box below).

2018 Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences--From Theory to Practice

Also held in conjunction with the 2018 Goldschmidt Conference of the Geochemical Society.

2017 Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences--Research and Teaching Opportunities

Held in conjunction with the 2017 Goldschmidt Conference of the Geochemical Society.


The Montana Nanotechnology Facility (MONT)

The Montana Nanotechnology Facility at Montana State University (MONT) is one of 16 sites that comprise the NSF-supported National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure program. The NNCI consortium includes researchers from academic institutions, the corporate sector, and government facilities. MONT has offered a number of public events that may be of interest to the public, including a webinar series and a number of user meetings.Learn more about MONT &
its activities »

Webinar Series

The webinar series aimed to keep users and other interested colleagues up to date about new advances in Nanotechnology/Science, and updates on new opportunities and instrumentation in the MONT facility. These quarterly webinars cover a wide variety of topics, and you are invited to access the videos of past webinars:

Annual MONT Users' Meetings

  • 2019: The Annual MONT meeting took place on Monday, June 13, 2019
  • 2018: The Annual Mont ,eeting took place on August 20, 2018
  • 2017: The Annual MONT Users Meeting took place on July 12, 2017
  • 2016: The Annual MONT Users Meeting took place on July 13, 2016