Web Survey for the MONT Fall 2022 Virtual Event

Consent for participation in human research at Montana State University:
You are being asked to participate in research about the effectiveness of online educational materials relating to nanotechnology. Your participation in the research will help the developers of these materials improve the materials and the approach for future users.

Your participation (by responding to the questions in the short survey below) is voluntary. You can choose to not answer any of the questions below.

Your answers to the survey questions below are anonymous and confidential.

By completing the survey, you are giving your consent to use this data to make programmatic decisions or to publish the data (in aggregate form) in articles about the research project. If you have questions about the project or the survey, you can contact Carolyn Plumb: cplumb@coe.montana.edu.

Thank you!

3. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements: (5 = strongly agree; 4 = somewhat agree; 3 = neutral; 2 = somewhat disagree; 1 = strongly disagree)

4. What suggestions do you have for future webinars or events, including suggesting a topic of your interest?

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