Initial Publication Date: March 8, 2024

Qingqing Sun, Post-Doc, University of Missouri

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Describe your current research or work assignment. What topics are you working on? What does a typical work day look like—what would a student expect to do if they followed your career path?

Environmental hydrodynamics of mussels and fish eggs; Lab simulation, photography, data analysis, modeling have resulted in multiple publications

What motivated or inspired you to pursue a career in Nanoscience?

Nanoscience has wide application prospects

What graduate experiences/activities were essential for your professional development in Nanoscience? What experiences made a difference in your own career path (e.g., attended a conference, short course, had an opportunity to work in a lab, a key mentor in your life...)?

Find a key mentor in your life

Any other advice to help an aspiring Nanoscience student? 

Nanoscience jobs pay well and can be applied to real production