Microbiology in Jeopardy

Stephen C. Wagner, Stephen F. Austin State University

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This is classroom review in the style of the gameshow "Jeopardy" for use in a microbiology course for allied health students offered at our university. The game is set up as a Power Point presentation with hyperlinks to make it progress like the real jeopardy game. Although the questions for this particular version cover metabolism and diseases of the skin and respiratory system, they can be easily modified by the instructor to apply the the material to be reviewed. This game was used during a review period before a major test. Students enjoyed the competition between each other as well as the unique approach to reviewing for their exam. They also appreciated being able to review sample questions before the exam.

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Instructor's Notes (PowerPoint 1.1MB Dec21 07)


Groups keep score of their performance during the game. The instructor can analyze group scores to determine if they have mastered the material.

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Microbiology in Jeopardy Game (PowerPoint 1.5MB Dec21 07)

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