2005 Sampling Field Trip:3 Days in the Desert

Created by George Rice, Montana State University

Hot Springs by Day:

  • Day 1 - Eagleville Hot Spring (05EV47), Temp. 43°C pH 8.9

    Images of a varmit near Eaglevill hot springs and of the springs themselvs
  • Day 2 - Surprise Valley (05SV2CON-1), Temp. 67 °C pH 6.1

    Images of Surprise Valley Hot Springs

    Surprise Valley (05SV2CON-5), Temp. 43.5 °C pH 8.8, and Thermal Swamp.

    Series of pictures of pools in Suprise Valley includin a thermal swamp

Copyright on all images and material by Zhang and the Nevada hot spring team, 2005. Photos provided by Chuanlun Zhang and the Nevada hot spring team. 

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