2005 Sampling Field Trip:3 Days in the Desert

Created by George Rice, Montana State University

Photo left, sampling caravan stopped for a picnic. Photo right, group at Trego Hot springs involved in taking samples.

Hot Springs by Day:

  • Day 1 - Eagleville Hot Spring (05EV47), Temp. 43°C pH 8.9

    Images of a varmit near Eaglevill hot springs and of the springs themselvs
    Eagle Springs on the right, and a resident varmint making his presence known on the left.

  • Day 2 - Surprise Valley (05SV2CON-1), Temp. 67 °C pH 6.1

    Images of Surprise Valley Hot Springs

    Surprise Valley (05SV2CON-5), Temp. 43.5 °C pH 8.8, and Thermal Swamp.

    Series of pictures of pools in Suprise Valley includin a thermal swamp
    Top two pictures of spring (05SV2CON-5) in Surprise Valley, and the bottem two are of a thermal swamp in the same area.

Copyright on all images and material by Zhang and the Nevada hot spring team, 2005. Photos provided by Chuanlun Zhang and the Nevada hot spring team.

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