WebQuests for the K-12 Classroom

Explore the amazing world of microbes using our WebQuest guided discovery exercises. Discover a wealth of related resources, teaching strategies, and activities that have been developed by collaborating projects and fellow educators.

The Microbes Within is a WebQuest exploring the effects of endosymbiosis on reproduction, evolution and human health.

Living in an Alkaline Environment is a WebQuest examining the behaviors, adaptations, and diversity of organisms living in and around Mono Lake.

Los Angeles and the Future of Mono Lake is a WebQuest exploring the biodiversity, natural history, and preservation of Mono Lake. This activity calls upon the resources housed in MLER and asks students, grades 9-12, to consider the preservation of the Mono Lake environment in relation to the needs of humans.

Protistan Tales of Atlantic White Cedar Swamps is a WebQuest that combines science and literacy to bring the microbes of Atlantic White Cedar Swamps to life. Through the use of antrhopomorphism, students develop oral and illustrated short stories dedicated to enhancing awareness of these organisms.