The Microbes Within

A WebQuest exploring the effects of endosymbiosis on reproduction, evolution and human health

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Microbes Within Process Diagram Center illustration by Tamara Clark, provided courtesy of the Encyclopedia of Life .

Once your teams have been assigned, you will each identify your particular role within the group. If you are working in a team of three, select one of the following roles:
  • Reproductive Specialist (Reproduction & Speciation)
  • Microbiologist (Symbiosis & Virus/Phage)
  • Epidemiologist (Human Disease & Vector Control)

Alternatively, if you are working in pairs, roles will include:
  • Reproductive Specialist (Reproduction, Speciation & Symbiosis)
  • Epidemiologist (Human Disease, Vector Control & Virus/Phage)

A resources section has been included to supplement your research. Each section includes directed questions for your particular role as well as a list of websites to help you understand and answer each question. The questions should serve as the foundation for your report, although you will most likely discover additional information to be included in your recommendation to the CDC. The preliminary "Biology of Wolbachia" section features comprehensive information sources that cover all roles and should be addressed by everyone on the team.

Once you have researched all areas in your role, you will share the findings with the rest of your team and prepare a comprehensive report, either in the form of a written research paper or formal presentation. Remember, understanding and conveying the potential treatment of this disease is in your hands!