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8-8:30: Introduction – Quantitative skills and the geosciences

8:30-9:00: Small group brainstorm/discussion

  • What quantitative skills/concepts are important in your geoscience courses?

  • Why are they difficult to teach?

  • Why do students struggle with them?

9:00-9:15: Small group report out (make a list of topics - to be used in Gallery Walk)

9:15-9:20: Intro to Quantitative Resources on the SERC website - both faculty and student resources

For Students

For Faculty

9:20-9:50: Form small groups and work through a Math You Need module together and/ or explore Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences websites

9:50-10:30: Gallery Walk: Based on the Quantitative Topics you brainstormed together and with syllabus in hand, write down any and all geoscience topics that deal with these topics. This Gallery Walk is designed to get you thinking about:

  • Topics in your courses that represent excellent examples of quantitative concepts in context

  • Places in your courses that could serve to reinforce quantitative skills throughout the semester

  • Reiteration of skills in multiple contexts is important and makes transfer more likely

10:30-11:30: Time to work on incorporating quantitative topics into your pre-existing syllabus (where can resources that you learned about here find a place in your course?).

11:30-11:45: Next steps – Where do we go from here?

  • How will we find time to further modify our courses?
  • What can the conveners do to facilitate the incorporation of QS in your courses?
11:45 - noon:Please complete the Workshop Evaluation

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