Workshop Participants

Activities created by the participants are listed underneath their name.

Geoff Abers, Boston University
Karin Block, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Chemical Inputs and Outputs at Subduction Zones
Where is California Going? (
Mike Blum, Louisiana State University
Gall Dickinson, University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Goodliffe, University of Alabama
Where is California Going?
The Woodlark Basin as a Natural Laboratory for the Study of the Geological Sciences
A tour of the Mariana Subduction System
Andrew Goodwillie, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Laura Guertin, Penn State Delaware County
Connecting Cross-Sectional Data from the Red Sea to Plate Tectonics
James Gill, University of California, St Cruz
Judy Harden, University of South Florida
Are You in a Hotspot?
Where is California Going? (
Rosemary Hickey-Vargas, Florida International University
What Can (and Cannot) Be Learned from Scientific Drilling Using Examples from Margins Initiatives
Cary Kandel, Boston University
Steve Kuehl, VIMS, College of William and Mary
Pamela Lezaeta, Boston University
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
Julia Morgan, Rice University
Leslie Peart, Joint Oceanographic Institution
Jeffrey Rahl, Washington and Lee University
Kent Ratajeski, University of West Georgia
Physical and Chemical Variations Along the Central American Volcanic Arc
Valerie Reynolds, Smithsonian
Jeff Ryan, University of South Florida
Online Investigation of an Island Arc Volcano: Anatahan, Mariana Arc
Plate Tectonics as Expressed in Geological Landforms and Events: An Exploration using Google Earth and GeoMapApp
Don Reed, San Jose State University
Mariek Schmidt, Smithsonian
Elizabeth Screaton, University of Florida
Burial, compaction, and porosities in a subduction zone
Gary Solar, Buffalo State College
Paul Tomascak, SUNY-Oswego
Paul Umhoefer, Northern Arizona University
Introductory Geology - Exercise - testing plate tectonics in the Gulf of California
Laura Wetzel, Eckerd College
Profiling Earth's Surface using GeoMapApp
Where is California Going?