Workshop Overview

Undergraduate geoscience courses and curricula are often compartmentalized by subdiscipline, a situation that is inconsistent with multidisciplinary nature of cutting-edge geoscience research. To better engage students, and prepare them for the multidisciplinary nature of the modern geosciences, it is crucial to use examples and materials in geology courses that reflect the diversity of tools and data resources that are brought to bear on both marine and land-based geologic problems, and the integrated way in which research data from different sources and perspectives are synthesized.

MARGINS science provides exciting opportunites to address this challenge. MARGINS focuses on important geoscience problems in an integrated, multidisciplinary way. The goal of this workshop is to develop and test teaching materials that facilite the use of MARGINS data and research in teaching undergraduate geoscience.

This workshop will be an exciting collaborative effort that will bring together leaders in MARGINS research and geoscience education to

  • share ways of integrating MARGINS discoveries into commonly taught undergraduate geoscience courses
  • examine the current breadth of MARGINS data, and seek to develop additional ways of integrating MARGINS data resources into undergraduate teaching
  • develop plans for generating and testing new learning materials based on MARGINS science in both introductory and upper-level undergraduate geoscience courses.


By applying to the workshop, participants agree to do the following if accepted for the workshop:

  • contribute an example from their own teaching that uses MARGINS data or research to the website
  • participate fully in the entire workshop
  • participate in creation or review of a new activity following the workshop


The workshop will begin on Thursday at 7:00, April 5, 2007 in Arlington, VA and will end 6:00 on Friday evening April 6. Participants must attend all sessions.

Eligibility and Application

The workshop will be limited to 30 participants, and the final list of participants will be established with the goal of assembling a group that includes leaders in MARGINS research and leaders in undergraduate geoscience education who are dedicated to the use of MARGINS research in teaching and are willing to create and test materials. The final participant list will also reflect the full spectrum of institutional settings and teaching experiences, as well as diversity of participants. Application deadline was February 16, 2007. Applicants will be notified of selection by early March. For additional information, visit general information for workshop participants.


NSF funding (DUE 0633081) will pay for double occupancy hotel rooms. Limited funds are available to support travel.

For More Information

Please contact Jeff Ryan or Pamela Lezaeta