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Interpreting the History, Geology, and Ecology of Monterey Bay

Course instructor: Dr. Steve Moore, California State University, Monterey Bay Example compiled by Suzanne Savanick, Science Education Resource Center.
This material is replicated on a number of sites as part of the SERC Pedagogic Service Project


This is a 2-unit Service Learning option associated with the "Special Topics: The History, Geology, and Ecology of Monterey Bay" course. Students will learn about Monterey Bay in the special topics course and will share their knowledge with K-12 grade children at local schools by participating in the Virtual Canyon Project. Students in this service learning class will team up with students in another service learning class ("Tech Tutors") and work with children to create fun and informative web-pages that will become part of the Virtual Canyon web site.

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Learning Goals

This course will enable each dedicated student to:
  • Explain the scientific method fully and accurately.
  • Help children understand and explain how scientists study and learn about the natural world.
  • Explain one or more aspects of the history, geology, and/or ecology of Monterey Bay in sufficient detail to fill an informative web page.
  • Teach local school children about some of the natural and/or historic features of Monterey Bay.
  • Discuss the social and cultural implications and importance of inspiring children to explore nature through science.
  • Explain the benefits of a collaborative project where different individuals contribute different skills and knowledge to the benefit of everyone in the group.

Context for Use

Concurrent enrollment in ESSP 195: "Special Topics: History, Geology and Ecology of Monterey Bay.

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