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Examples of Service-Learning

The examples below are geared toward introductory geoscience courses. The Pedagogies in Action activity browse provides the complete set of Service Learning example activities, for a variety of disciplines and academic levels.


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Rainwater Harvesting Service Learning Project part of Service Learning:Activities
Students will gain an understanding of the history, benefits, and components of a rainwater harvesting system and partner with community members to design and build a rainwater harvesting system for their school.

The Human side of geologic hazards part of Service Learning:Activities
Students respond in a charitable way to geological or weather related disasters.

The Geoscape of Bozeman, Montana part of Service Learning:Activities
This project was intended to build familiarity with the local geologic environment through a poster session leading to a single poster following the Canadian "Geoscape" model.

Using Field Observations and Field Experiences to Teach GeoscienceAn Illustrated Community Discussion part of Geoscience in the Field:Field Experiences:Posters
Hydrology students are asked to participate in a service-learning project that involves a long-term stream monitoring project. The strengths of this laboratory exercise are that it integrates classroom knowledge ...

Pre-service teachers using Project Learning Tree (PLT) in the K-6 classroom part of Service Learning:Activities
The activity utilizes the curriculum from Project Learning Tree® (PLT), an environmental education program developed by the American Forest Foundation. Pre-service elementary education students receive PLT ...

The 1997 floods of Bozeman Creek, Montana part of Service Learning:Activities
This project involved student provocation of community response along a local creek in response to accumulation of twice-normal winter snowpack in the winter of 1996-7.

Integration of Service Learning in Online Geoscience Courses part of Service Learning:Activities
Students in our online, introductory geoscience courses are given the opportunity to participate in an environmental service learning project, led by the Center for Earth and Environmental Science (cees.iupui.edu), ...

Natural Hazards & Climate Change Risks part of Service Learning:Activities
Students characterize how climate change impacts natural hazards and pose research-based solutions to the county Emergency Management Agency. Presentations require the use of local data, created figures, and ...

Extra credit beach cleanup: Service Learning in action part of Service Learning:Activities
For this extra credit beach cleanup, students help clean local beaches for 3 hours as part of an organized beach cleanup event. This is also a Service Learning activity.

Celebration of Earth and Arbor Day part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Teaching in the Field:Field Trip Collection
During this trip, students will plants 25 oak trees in a designated area set by Little Rock Parks and Recreation.

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