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Digital Game Based Learning: Educational Video Games?

The Wave of the Future?

The typical college student plays an estimated 1.8 hours a day of video games (Prensky, 2001b ). Understandably, educators want a piece of that!

Educational Digital-Learning Projects

The first efforts have resulted in college-level educational video games, but many consortia are still determining objectives and applying for funds. Virtual Cell Logo

Some of the biggest challenges in designing a video game involve the graphical environment, but tools for this part of a game are already partly developed in the form of virtual field trips and visualization software (Drummond, 2003 ).

Challenges for Educators Creating Video Games

Video-game designers and academic geologists are the products of intensive but very different training.

The expenses are mostly for software and the time of professionals, not really for hardware.

For Further Reading

Soapbox, an online forum, organized a panel with experts including Marc Prensky,and Chris Dede (from the MUVEES project) to discuss What Can Education Learn from the Video Game Industry?.

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