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1. Would a 1 m sea level rise flood the poster hall in Moscone South?

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2a. Were more or fewer than 20 mineral resources used in making your cell phone?

2b. How might the increased demand for Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (like those in your cell phone and some electric vehicles) effect the environment, and how do your habits play into this equation?

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3a. Which is closer to the Moscone Center: the San Andreas fault, or the epicenter of the 1906 quake?

3b. At the AGU fall meeting, what factors contribute to our risk of experiencing a damaging earthquake?
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4. El Niño... or not? As of December 8, NOAA reported a 65% chance that El Niño conditions will be present in our winter and spring this year. How might an El Niño year impact your morning coffee?

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5. The amount of soil eroded from 1 hectare of North American farm land in 1 year is enough to fill how many bathtubs?


  • 1/2 a bathtub
  • 10 bathtubs
  • 70 bathtubs
  • 280 bathtubs

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6. Which of the following do you consider "a method of geoscience"?

a. Having to help everyone figure out what this or that rock is (working with incomplete data)

b. Using your rock hammer (observation)

c. Getting lost in the field and having to stay out past dark (spatial and temporal thinking)

d. All of the above

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