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Agree to Instructor-Only Materials Terms of Use for Verified Instructors

Use this form to give your SERC account access to instructor-only materials available on the InTeGrate website.

We're interested in learning more about how you use (or decide not to use) InTeGrate materials. We'd like to send you a follow-up email in the future with a question or two about your experience. Would you be willing to receive a follow-up email?

To ensure the long-term utility of these materials please do not redistribute them to anyone else--even other faculty members. Once the materials have passed through several hands it becomes dramatically more likely that they will end up in public circulation since a faculty member who receives them 3rd (or 4th) hand may not even be aware of their origin and the motivation to keep them private.

By submitting this form you agree to use the materials you're given access to only for your own personal use. You will not share copies with students, other faculty or others. If you use the materials in a test setting with students you will make reasonable efforts to ensure students don't have any easy mechanism for making copies and redistributing the materials.