InTeGrate Events at AGU

published Nov 22, 2013 3:15pm

InTeGrate at AGU 2013

The American Geophysical Union's 46th fall meeting is being held in San Francisco, CA, December 9-13, 2013 and InTeGrate will be there! Catch up with InTeGrate friends and learn about the project's activities.

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InTeGrate Town Hall

This Town Hall will provide an overview of the project, highlights from the year's activities, and information on new opportunities to be a part of the InTeGrate community.

TOWN HALL: TH22G. InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future
Tuesday, December 10
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM; 2007 (Moscone West)

Results, Results

These sessions and talks report results from various aspects of the project.

SESSION: ED23E Preparation for the Geoscience Workforce: Curriculum, Department, and Program Reform Strategies I, II, and III (posters)
Convener(s): Heather Houlton, David Mogk, Bethany Holm Adamec , and Cathryn Manduca
Monday, December 9
I: 8:00-10:00 AM; 309 (Moscone South)
II: 10:20 AM -12:20 PM; 309 (Moscone South)
III (Posters): 1:40-6:00 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)

ED13C-0784. Geoscience and the 21st Century Workforce
Cathryn A. Manduca; Timothy J. Bralower; David Blockstein; Christopher M. Keane; Karin B. Kirk; David Schejbal; Carolyn E. Wilson
Monday, December 9, 1:40-6:00 PM

ED23E-08. InTeGrate's model for developing innovative, adaptable, interdisciplinary curricular materials that reach beyond the geosciences (Egger, Baldassari, Bruckner, Iverson, Manduca, McConnell, Steer)
Monday, December 9
3:25 PM -3:40P PM; 3009 (Moscone West)
In: ED23E - Transformative Innovations in Earth, Oceans, and Atmospheric Science Education for Undergraduates Supported by the NSF-DUE Funding Programs, and Future Directions I (Conveners: Jeffrey Ryan and Jill Singer)

ED32A-02 Piloting a Geoscience Literacy Exam for Assessing Students' Understanding of Earth, Climate, Atmospheric and Ocean Science Concepts (Steer; Iverson; Manduca)
Wednesday, December 11
10:35 AM-10:50AM ; 104 (Moscone South)
ED32A. Climate Literacy: Impacts, Evidence, and Best Practices From Research and Evaluation I (Convener(s): Ann Martin, Nicole Holthuis, Susan Lynds, and Tina Phillips )

InTeGrate at the NAGT Booth

The NAGT booth in the exhibitors area is a great spot to ask questions about InTeGrate and meet other people interested in many aspects of geoscience education. Stop by Booth Number 131 and learn about all the great things going on in geoscience ed!

Share what you learn

Have you ever learned about something fun and interesting that happened at the meeting after the fact, or even after the meeting? Of course you have. And by the same token, you've probably found out about something that you wish your colleagues and friends had known about but couldn't get word to them. This year, NAGT is going to try to make it easier to know what is going on all across this vast meeting by using social media. If you know of something that you think other members of the InTeGrate community should know about, just send out a tweet and include the hashtag #nagtatagu13. NAGT is gathering all those tweets together on a page so that we can all benefit in near-real time. More details on this will be coming soon. Given the number of tech savvy folks out there, there is the potential for this to be one of the most rewarding meetings yet for everyone!

Friends of SERC Get-together

This is a no host, very casual, come-if-you-can kind of affair. It is a nice opportunity to see each other, the SERC staff, and other people who collaborate with SERC on projects and share your interest in geoscience education. Feel free to bring friends. Hope to see you there.

6:15 PM at Upstairs at The Grove
690 Mission Street
San Francisco. 94105

Other Sessions of Interest

AGU education sessions include information on pedagogy, climate literacy, integrating research and education, international education and more. There is no shortage of education or science of interest to the InTeGrate Community. NAGT has compiled a page of all the Education-related sessions going on at the AGU meeting so be sure and check it out.