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The work of the geoscience education community is deeply intertwined with, and impacted by, the infrastructure for website development, professional development, project management, and research and evaluation offered by NAGT and SERC. This infrastructure reflects evolution driven by collaboration with more than 150 projects in the past 18 years. This 30-person meeting will provide an opportunity to step back and reflect on how the complete suite of tools and processes might be advanced in ways that capitalize on potential synergies and efficiencies, and better serve all members of the community. In addition, specific attention will be given to supporting geoscience education research, serving the geoscience education needs of minority-serving institutions, and broadly supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion across geoscience education.

Thirty meeting participants will be invited to create a diverse set of informed perspectives including geoscientists studying all aspects of the Earth, infrastructure users and non-users, groups that are underrepresented in the current user community, and experts in cyberinfrastructure development. The meeting will be structured to provide maximum opportunity for discussion and synthesis among the participants and to elicit ideas and recommendations. We will make use of the Serckit infrastructure to structure and record whole group and small group discussion.

Topics for discussion will include:
  • The current landscape and high-level logic model for improving geoscience education
  • The effectiveness of current community infrastructure
  • Potential improvements to community infrastructure that would lead to improved geoscience education
  • Potential improvements that would allow the community infrastructure to:
    • serve a wider audience of geoscience educators;
    • better serve the geoscience education research community; and
    • better support improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion in geoscience.
  • A technical plan for future improvements to Serckit.

Resulting recommendations will guide future development of the infrastructure to better support use, to extend use to underserved sectors of the community, and to increase support for geoscience education research.

Meeting Goals

The meeting will produce recommendations in four areas:

  1. Priorities for strengthening existing infrastructure elements, including the underpinning cyberinfrastructure.
  2. Strategies for bringing the infrastructure into wider use, including addressing any barriers to use by different elements of the community.
  3. Additions to the infrastructure that would enhance use, including within geoscience education research.
  4. Use of the infrastructure to support improvements in diversity, equity and inclusion in geoscience education and geoscience education research.

These recommendations will highlight community needs and inform future development of the infrastructure by SERC and its community partners.

Dates - November 3-5, 2019

The meeting begins at 5:00pm on Sunday, November 3, and ends at 3:30pm on Tuesday, November 5. A pre-meeting cyberinfrastructure subgroup will meet at 3:00pm on Sunday, November 3.

See the meeting program and logistics pages for more information on workshop timing.


By registering for this planning meeting, participants agree to do the following:

  • Prepare for the meeting. Participants will be asked to review materials and readings prior to the meeting.
  • Participate fully in the entire meeting and attend all meeting sessions. Many participants will be invited to make presentations or serve as discussion or working group leaders at the meeting.
  • Participants are expected to review and follow SERC's Code of Professional Conduct for Events.
See the participant checklist for more information on participant expectations and deadlines.


There is no cost to attend the meeting. SERC will provide full travel expenses, including meals and lodging, for registered participants. See the logistics page for more information.


This meeting is by invitation only. Invited participants should RSVP to Sandy Lynn-Proshek ( by September 15, 2019. A separate registration form will be distributed to those who indicate they will be able to attend.

See the participant checklist for more information on dates and deadlines.


The meeting will be hosted at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. All meeting activities take place in Sayles-Hill Room 251 unless otherwise noted in the program. Follow these directions to the Sayles-Hill Campus Center . Lodging will be located in Northfield, within walking distance of campus. Transportation to campus and around campus will be available, as needed.

For More Information

To RSVP, please contact Sandy Lynn-Proshek ( For more information about the meeting program, please contact Mitchell Awalt ( For specific logistical information, please contact Caroline Smith (