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SERC Workshop Policy on Sexual Misconduct

The Science Education Resource Center, as an entity within Carleton College, is committed to:

  • fostering a safe environment, free of sexual misconduct in any form. We expect community members to engage in relationships and sexual interactions that are characterized by consent. Individuals who engage in behaviors that violate Carleton's Policy Against Sexual Misconduct are held responsible for their actions.
  • responding to reports of sexual misconduct through established procedures that are comprehensive in scope, supportive in approach, and fair in execution. Support will be provided before, during, and after any adjudication, recognizing that for all parties affected by an instance of sexual misconduct—alleged or proven—the experience is emotionally, socially, and intellectually demanding. Retaliation against any person participating in the investigation or adjudication of a report of sexual misconduct is strictly prohibited.
  • taking seriously the fact that the best process to address sexual misconduct should begin before any sexual misconduct has occurred, with prevention through education, and should conclude with intentional measures to work towards healing individuals and community.

General Provisions and Application

Carleton College prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, intimate partner violence, and other sexually inappropriate conduct. The Policy Against Sexual Misconduct applies to all Carleton faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The Policy applies in connection with any College program or workshop, whether on or off campus.

Sexual misconduct can be committed by a person of any gender against a person of any gender. Sexual misconduct can be committed by friends, current or former intimate partners, acquaintances, or non-acquaintances.

Carleton College is committed to creating a community free of sexual misconduct, to providing avenues for those affected by sexual misconduct to obtain assistance, and to providing clear and fair complaint and investigation procedures.

Carleton College encourages individuals who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct to make a prompt report to the College. Carleton College also encourages individuals who have experienced sexual assault to pursue criminal charges. The College will provide information about available options, including information about filing an internal complaint or pursuing criminal charges. A criminal charge and an internal complaint can be pursued at the same time.

The College will provide support to all individuals in the Carleton Community involved in reports of sexual misconduct, including the internal College complaint process and/or the criminal charge process. The College also recognizes that pursuing a complaint procedure or criminal charges may not be steps that every person who makes a report wants to take; the College recognizes an individual's right to decline to pursue formal action.

Detailed information about complaint and investigation procedures can be found in Carleton's campus handbook. External users can contact Carleton's Office of Human Resources for a copy, or 507-222-7471. If workshop attendees feel they have experienced sexual misconduct while participating in the workshop, they can reach out to Laura Riehle-Merrill, Carleton's Title IX Coordinator, to assist with accessing support and details of the complaint process, and 507-222-4028.

SERC Partner Workshops

SERC often partners with other organization and institutions to hold workshops. In many cases these partners are the lead organizations for the workshop and their policies, rather than Carleton's, pertain. SERC encourages its partners to clearly communicate the relevant misconduct policies to all workshop participants.