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Lab versus Lecture  

The way our course description is made for the state makes that distinction for semester hour partitioning. However, my classroom management blends those elements through active learning and multimodal delivery...including formative and summative assessments.


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I would specifically like to hear about faculty who teach lecture classes and lab classes and how their institutions change pay multipliers based on the "type" of class. For example, at my college, each hour I teach for a lab counts as 80% the credit of a 1-hr lecture. Just thought this would make a good question for folks to starting chiming in on. If we can get data, especially on those colleges that pay equally for the two types of classes, we'd have more leverage in making changes at institutions that don't.


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At my school, lab classes are currently paid at 87% of a lecture (in terms of load hours). In the current contract, that has been increasing 2% per year (started at 75%). We are currently in contract negotiations, so who knows what it will be in the new contract. Someone has to pay for Blago's lawyer bills! (LOL!)


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At my school we are paid the same amount for lab as we are for lecture. Each of our lab/lecture courses are 4 credit courses - 3 credits for lecture and 1 credit for lab. Students who register for a particular lecture section are that section's lab, so the lectures and labs are tied together. i.e. I teach the same students for lecture as I do for lab. We are paid by "contact hour". Each 4 credit course = 6 contact hours. Lecture meets twice a week for a total of 2.5 hours and each lab meets once a week for 2.5 hours. Therefore the pay is equal for lecture and lab.


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At my school (a California Community College), lecture and lab are paid the same. We were one of the last schools to get a union, and this was a key point of the union's negotiation with the district. We had a historic basis for keeping it that way, but the district wanted to change to pay labs less. In the negotiations, we didn't really have any hard data that labs are as much work as lecture, just anectodal stuff, and stong opinions. We fought this hard and (fortunately) won.

By the way, the state pays colleges the same for lab vs. lecture (it's based on contact hours), but a school can decide to pay less for teaching labs. I know that many other community colleges are set up that way.


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At all Minnesota 2 years schools lab pay is 50% of lecture pay. That started over 40 years ago and we haven't been able to change it.


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The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is currently debating this issue and we are seeking additional data as well. Currently lecture to lab is a 2:3 credit hour ratio. Faculty Affairs committee is proposing a 1:1 ratio but data supporting our request are necessary. Thank you for any assistance in this matter


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Each of our lab/lecture courses are 4 credit courses - 3 credits for lecture and 1 credit for lab. And we are paid the same amount per credit for each. However, the lecture is 2 contact hours per week, while the lab is 3 contact hours per week.

So, the credit ratio (lecture to lab) is 3:1.
The contact hour ratio (lecture to lab) is 2:3.
And thus, my pay ratio per contact hour(lecture to lab) is 9:2.


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