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Why are Two-year Colleges Important?

Two-year colleges (2YCs) play a major role in geoscience education in the United States and Canada. In the U.S., nearly half of the students who take introductory geoscience do so at a 2YC. Students take geoscience at 2YCs to meet their science degree requirements, to begin coursework towards a bachelor's degree in geoscience, to receive an associates degree or certificate in geoscience or geoscience technology, to receive science education for K-12 teaching, or for continuing education as part of life-long learning. At some public universities, over half of the geoscience majors start their geoscience coursework at a 2YC and many institutions are beginning to see the value in using their local 2YCs to recruit new majors.

Two-year College Projects in Other Disciplines

Two year colleges are important to other disciplines as well and there are several efforts afoot to strengthen teaching and learning at the 2YC level.

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