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JoAnn Thissen

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Geologic Time Resorts part of Geoscience in Two-year Colleges:Activities
In this Geologic Time Resorts activity students do in-depth research on a given geologic time period of the Phanerozoic Eon and create brochures "selling" their time period as a resort destination.

Beach Profiling, Observing and Documenting a Changing Environment, Point Lookout, NY part of Geoscience in Two-year Colleges:Activities
Using quantitative field methods to study shoreline erosion of a barrier beach. Students profile a beach and mechanically process sediment to document the changes along a shoreline.

Digging for Fossils part of Geoscience in Two-year Colleges:Activities
"Digging for Fossils": A student laboratory activity

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Accepting the Challenge part of SAGE 2YC:Workshops:Supporting Student Success in Geoscience at Two-year Colleges:Essays
JoAnn Thissen, Nassau Community College Download this essay (Acrobat (PDF) 13kB Jun14 13) Because our department does not offer any type of program in the geosciences it's up to each faculty member to ...