Additional Genomics Education Resources and Initiatives

Genomics Education Resources

  • Genomics Education Partnership: The Genomics Education Partnership provides opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in genomics research. GEP is a collaboration between primarily undergraduate institutions and the Biology Department and Genome Sequencing Center of Washington University in St. Louis.
  • GCAT: Genome Consortium for Active Teaching: GCAT's mission is to bring functional genomic methods into undergraduate curriculum primarily through student research using microarrays. GCAT provides a centralized chip reader at Davidson College, a clearinghouse of information for teachers to use, including animations, a large data base of raw and analyzed data for pedagogical use, and an active network of teachers using microarray approaches in the classroom. GCAT is coordinated by Malcolm Campbell.
  • MAGIC Tool Free microarray data analysis software: Open source MicroArray genome imaging & clustering tool developed by Laurie Heyer and her undergraduates at Davidson College. The MAGIC software works on Mac, PC, Linux, and UNIX platforms.
  • HHMI Science Education Alliance Initiative in Undergraduate Genomics: A national experiment in both research and education that revolves around a research course in genomics for undergraduate students. Students will participate in an authentic research experience-integrated into a laboratory course designed for freshmen-that will result in a significant contribution to the broader genomics field.

Suggested Reading List: Presenters at the 2007 workshop contributed a number of references as suggested reading for the participants to learn more about specific issues.