Initial Publication Date: May 30, 2017

2017 Symposium: Engineering A World of Difference: Academic-Industry Connections

Sponsored by the NSF Broadening Participation in Engineering Program and part of the NSF Minority Faculty Development Workshop (MFDW) series, the 2017 annual symposium on academic-industry connections will focus on career enhancement for underrepresented faculty in engineering.

The primary goal of the NSF MFDW series is to enhance the presence, socialization, retention and advancement of junior and mid-career faculty from underrepresented (African American, Native American and Hispanics) populations in engineering. We plan to achieve this goal via the following objectives:

  1. developing and implementing a holistic array of career development initiatives for underrepresented early and mid-career faculty; and
  2. conducting research on practices and policies impacting the progression and advancement of these faculty members.

We anticipate that these efforts will lead to an increase in the numbers of faculty from underrepresented populations in engineering, and enhance their career progression.

The 2017 Symposium: Engineering A World of Difference: Academic- Industry Connections will focus on the applications—entrepreneurial and social—that drive career success.

Over a three day period, participants will have multiple opportunities to engage with peers, academic leaders, and experts to better understand and utilize concepts that guide strategic career advancement. The program will include novel "un-conference" open sessions that allow participants to help shape the workshop content.

Click here to see the preliminary agenda.

Target Audience: Early and mid-career underrepresented minority engineering faculty.