2004 Minority Faculty Development Workshop

The 2004 workshop was sponsored by the Chemical and Transport Systems Division of the Directorate for Engineering at NSF and was designed to improve the recruitment, retention and advancement of AAHNA engineering educators. The specific goals of the workshop were to:

  • Provide support and guidance to young AAHNA professors in engineering departments to guarantee a high rate of retention;
  • Recruit talented AAHNA candidates into engineering academic life, and help them learn the essentials of the system to insure their success and retention; and
  • Guarantee the availability of a diverse manpower that would maintain the excellence of engineering education in the United States.

The workshop provided relevant and specific information for the following groups of current and potential engineering faculty:

  1. AAHNA Ph.D. students in the final year of graduate work, postdoctoral students in academic and industrial positions, and full- and part-time industrial employees who are seeking employment in academia as chemical engineering faculty (Group I)
  2. AAHNA assistant professors (tenure-stream and newly-appointed) in all engineering disciplines (Group II)
  3. AAHNA associate professors (tenured and untenured) in chemical engineering who are working towards the rank of full professor (Group III).