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Work-Life Balance

Juggling teaching, research, publishing your work, service, and personal commitments can be a big challenge. That said, taking time out for yourself is important in preventing burn-out. The resources below offer tips and advice for effectively managing your time, including balancing personal and professional commitments.

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Workshop and Conference Presentations

Work-Life Balance for Engineering Faculty (PowerPoint 2.6MB Jul30 12) - This presentation was given by Susan Robinson ( at the 2012 Minority Faculty Development workshop and provides extensive tips for improving your work-life balance. Robinson also provided a Work-Life Balance worksheet for Engineering Faculty (Acrobat (PDF) 257kB Jul30 12) to personalize your work-life balance strategy.

Work-life balance worksheet (Microsoft Word 28kB Mar19 12) - This handout offers tips and advice for time management and juggling work responsibilities while also making time for your personal life.

Time Management

Balancing Personal and Professional Commitments

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