Initial Publication Date: July 15, 2022


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Building metacognition is central to student learning. By encouraging learners to be aware of what they are doing and why, they are able use that awareness to make intentional adjustments to learn more effectively. While the EvaluateUR Method benefits programs and mentors by providing statistically reliable assessments of student growth, the primary benefit is to the participating student through the development of metacognitive skills.

Introducing Metacognition

This video introduces metacognition.Download the Introduction to Metacognition video

Metacognitive Exercises

While metacognition is encouraged through the process of self-assessment and student-mentor conversations in the EvaluateUR Method, we also provide optional exercises designed specifically for strengthening students' metacognitive abilities. As an administrator of an EvaluateUR program, you may choose to include one or more Metacognitive Exercises in the course of program. These can be implemented as a part of the online assessment series, or can be individually downloaded and printed for use alongside the program. Learn more about the exercises »



Metacognitive Card Game

Developed for use with Evaluate-Compete, the Metacognitive Card Game can be used in any setting as a way to strengthen metacognitive thinking.

Request Metacognitive Card Deck

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