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Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

Part A: Watery Wasteland

Many of the world's fisheries are becoming dangerously depleted of fish. With more than one billion people around the world relying on fish as their main source of protein, trouble in the sea means trouble on land as well.

  1. Watch the National Geographic presentation Watery Wasteland. This narrated slideshow offers a brief overview of some of the major threats facing fisheries and marine ecosystems around the world and examines some of the more promising solutions for improving the health and sustainability of fisheries.
    • Click on the image below to access the presentation. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to watch the slideshow.
    • To begin the slideshow, click "Launch Presentation". There are 7 sections, each approximately 1 minute long, that will automatically play in continuous succession once the presentation is launched.
    • As you watch, take notes to prepare yourself to answer the Stop and Think questions.

    Click image to access the presentation.

    Stop and Think

    1:In your own words, summarize the main points of the Watery Wasteland presentation.

    2:Explain what you think the narrator meant when he said that accumulating devastation of fish populations in the oceans has a "domino effect" on human populations.