published Apr 12, 2021 2:52pm

Jul 20, 2021 - Jul 21, 2021

Applications Open: Integrating Large Ecological Datasets into Undergraduate Research and Teaching Workshop with EREN, NEON and Project EDDIE

Apply to attend the workshop, Integrating large ecological datasets into undergraduate research and teaching, with EREN, NEON and Project EDDIE!

The mission of the Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN) is to facilitate collaborative ecological research projects involving undergraduate students and faculty across a wide geographic network and to leverage these projects to enhance student learning while contributing to ecological science.

In this NSF-funded workshop, Project EDDIE partners with EREN (Ecological Research as Education Network) and NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network) to help support undergraduate faculty in integrating large ecological datasets into their teaching and research programs. NEON is an excellent source of open-access large ecological datasets across the United States and Project EDDIE supports instructors in developing flexible, data-focused teaching activities.

Save the date for an interactive virtual workshop meeting over two half-days to:

  1. Familiarize faculty with NEON data and ways to bring it into their undergraduate classroom and research programs
  2. Begin collaborative design of new research projects that incorporate NEON data and local field data collection by undergraduates
  3. Explore best practices in developing teaching activities with large datasets using the Project EDDIE training approach
  4. Identify undergraduate faculty and student needs for training in large-scale data analysis, data management, and statistics
  5. Join a network of peers interested in designing new research and teaching projects centered on large-scale datasets and collaborative science

Visit the workshop website for more details and to apply. For questions about this workshop, please email Laurie Anderson, Matt Heard, Kristy Hopfensperger, Claire Lunch, Catherine O'Reilly, and Sara Scanga at