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Activity Author(s) and Institution(s)

Name and institution of author(s) of the activity and any other appropriate attribution information. The first author will be given editing access to the activity submission. If the page is based on materials originally created elsewhere that should be noted with attribution given to the original authors and links provided to the original materials.

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Important Information About this Activity

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Activity Title

Provide a title that will help others quickly and easily determine the suitability of this exercise for their use.


Please select one or more subject(s) your activity addresses from the list below:
Microeconomic Topics

Macroeconomic Topics

Additional Topics

Overview of Activity

This text should provide an overall summary that makes clear what the activity is and its learning goal. It should provide an overview of the things that students will do and the intended outcomes of the activity. The description should be concise and compelling: typically no more than 1-2 very brief paragraphs.

Short Description of the Activity

The short description should be a very brief distillation of the summary above. This description will be displayed in search returns. The optimal length for this description is on the order of 1-2 sentences.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Given the topic areas described above, what will students be able to do after completing this activity? If you have multiple learning outcomes, separate them with a blank line when entering them in the box below.

For Example: In this exercise students will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of different price indices when making cost of living adjustments.

Context for Use

This is very valuable information for instructors when determining whether/how to use this Application Exercise. Please be as complete as possible.
  • Is the activity appropriate for principles courses, intermediate courses, or selective elective courses?
  • What prior student knowledge is required?
  • Are there class size limitations?
  • How much time is needed for the activity? Does it extend across more than one class period?
  • Is this activity connected to another TBL activity? If so, please provide a link to that activity. For example, is this activity part of a group of activities within a single TBL module?

Type of Activity

Appropriate Grade Level(s)

Activity Duration

Readiness for use in Online Learning

Information Given to Student Groups for this Application Exercise

What will student groups receive at the start of their group work? Include instructions and the specific choices the student group must make (labelled A, B, C, D, E). Attach a Word file that will enable instructors to print out these instructions and to adapt them as needed.

NOTE: If you upload files as part of your activity remember to consider their final use in deciding on appropriate formats. Materials that other faculty are likely to modify should be provided in easily editable formats (plain text, Word files), whereas materials that will be likely only used verbatim are most convenient in formats that are universally readable (PDF format is often a good choice).

Please be sure all materials you upload can be freely redistributed. For more information about copyright as it applies to materials you are sharing through this site please check our more detailed discussion (opens in a new window) of this issue.

If you have more than 5 files, include the first 5 here. After submitting the form you will have editing access to the resulting web page and will be able to upload additional files at that point.

Teaching Notes

This section should include notes and tips for instructors using the activity. This is a particularly important section because of its usefulness to future adopters of this AE. Please be as comprehensive in your writeup as possible. Below are some questions to get you started.
  • What prefatory remarks should set up the application exercise?
  • Does facilitating the team work require any special action?
  • What kinds of follow-up questions are recommended for facilitating the debriefing conversation among team reporters? In particular, how might the instructor get teams to evaluate which answer is the best, provide the analytical support for the team answers, identify what information would enable an economist to decide between alternative answers?
  • What points should be emphasized in the instructor's summary remarks to conclude the exercise?

    Assessment of Student Learning Outcome(s)

    How will instructors assess whether or not students are achieving the learning outcome(s) associated with this Application Exercise? Please suggest one or several essay and/or multiple choice questions that would directly assess the intended learning outcome(s) of the AE.

    Additional Resources

    This section should include references and links to online resources that discuss the specific activity or will support faculty and/or students using the activity. You can also include references related to particular pedagogical modules included in the Starting Point site.

    Web resources should include both the url and a brief description of the site (and why it is relevant). Print resources should include basic citation information as well as a brief description of the resource.

    Additional Information About this Activity Submission

    Please use the space below to provide any other information not included in the sections above regarding this activity submission.