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EarthConnections Alliance Proposal

We are developing a proposal for the INCLUDES Alliance submission. It will bring together a number of the INCLUDES pilots from the Earth and Environmental Sciences as well as other partners an interested groups. We would like to extend the opportunity to participate in this proposal to all of you.

This proposal was submitted March 30, 2018. Read the vision and rationale (Acrobat (PDF) 103kB May16 18)

Our proposal will focus on facilitating the development of regional pathways that link opportunities to learn geoscience together with opportunities to use that learning in the local community at multiple points in students educational progress (e.g. elementary, middle, high, college). These pathways can make use of formal or informal educational opportunities or both and should lead to local employment opportunities. We will facilitate the ability of regional groups to draw on the programs and expertise of national partners to strengthen existing educational opportunities and link them into a pathway. In addition to strategies that will support the regional groups in establishing a pathway vision and collaborating with the program partners, we will establish a community of practice that will help us all learn from each other and become a force for global sustainability and resilience.

Alliance Proposal Workspace (private) »

  • Regional Alliance Information
  • Program Partners Informational Meeting
  • Express Interest form - use this form to express interest in being a regional alliance, a program partner, a member of the community of practice or in nominating a person for the consulting corps
  • Submit Regional Alliance Proposal Information - if you would like to be considered for regional alliance funding in year one, use this form to submit your materials. further information on what is required for different levels of funding
  • EarthConnections Building Plan (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 148kB Feb28 18)
  • There are four ways that you could be involved:

    - you can be a program partner. This means that you agree to bring your programs or expertise to regional alliances to help them strengthen their pathways (remember that a pathway involves linking together opportunities to learn geoscience in the context of societal issues (defined broadly) with opportunities to use that knowledge in service to the local community). You would receive funding to provide this support via a proposal submitted by the regional alliance requesting your help.

    - partnering programs can nominate an individual to be part of the consultant corp. A consultant agrees to to help establish regional alliances and support them in pathway development by 1) participate in training that prepares them both to engage with the local community and to be able to share information about the programs and expertise of the program partners; 2) working with 1-3 regional alliances through a series of virtual and face to face meetings to; 3) facilitating their interactions with program partners. Each consultant would be paid a stipend of $10K per year for their work. Consultants agree to serve for 3 years. We plan to have 10 consultants in year 1 with 10 more coming on in each of the out years.

    - you or your partners can be a regional alliance developing a pathway. We plan to propose funds to support approximately 7 regional alliances in the first year (we plan to propose funds for ~5 new alliances in year 2 and 8 in each of years 3-5). Regional alliances that are just beginning are eligible for up to $20K for 2 years for a local staff person or intern to help organize the regional alliance and its activities including development of a pathway map and implementation plan. Some of you have well established regional activities. You are eligible for up to $20K for each of 1 or 2 years of implementation funds to work with program partners. Some of you are in the middle and are eligible for both things. We will select the first seven regional alliances to create a compelling proposal based on materials received from interested parties. If you are interested in being a regional alliance we will have an informational discussion on Thursday, March 1 (that is tomorrow) at 11:30 central time. More information below.

    - you can just be part of the community of practice which will bring together all those who are interested in bringing together communities, geoscience and geoscience education to strengthen community geoscience literacy, community capacity to use geoscience to solve problems and create opportunities, and bring geoscience research into action in communities. We will host both an ongoing virtual program and an annual summit. The community of practice will support high quality programming focused on facilitating learning from each other within the community of practice and bringing in new knowledge/expertise of high interest.