Initial Publication Date: March 7, 2018

Program Partner Information

More Information about the EarthConnections Alliance Proposal

This page contains information about the role of Program Partners in the EarthConnections Alliance Proposal. Please fill out the express interest form if you would like to be listed as a Program Partner in the proposal and on the website.

Program partners agree to bring their programs or expertise to regional alliances to help them strengthen their pathways. You would receive funding to provide this support via a proposal submitted by the regional alliance requesting your help (each regional alliance can request funds of up to $20K for 2 years).

Each regional alliance will work with a team of EC consultants whose job includes understanding the programs and expertise of the program partners and helping the regional alliances recognize how those assets could be used to strengthen their pathway. Program partners are eligible to nominate consulting corps members.

Lastly, program partners are part of the EarthConnections community of practice which will bring together all those who are interested in bringing together communities, geoscience and geoscience education to strengthen community geoscience literacy, community capacity to use geoscience to solve problems and create opportunities, and bring geoscience research into action in communities. We propose to host both ongoing virtual program and an annual summit.

It is also possible to join the EarthConnections Community of Practice without committing to be a program partner using the express interest form.

More Information on Program Partner Activity (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 158kB Mar7 18)

Current List of Program Partners

EarthConnections Building Plan (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) PRIVATE FILE 148kB Feb28 18)

Informational Virtual Meeting

Click to view the March 12 informational meeting screencast (MP4 Video 548.5MB Mar12 18)

We will host an informational webinar on Monday, March 12th @ 9am PT // 10am MT // 11am CT // 12pm ET
Zoom will be used for the call:
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 600 276 773

Program Partner Information (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 3.1MB Mar12 18)


This is planned as an informational meeting -- which means that questions are encouraged throughout the meeting via the chat or by raising hand. We will have some slides to answer the following questions -- but it is more important that you get your questions answered. The goal is that all participants leave with the information that they need to decide if they would like to be listed in the proposal and on the website as Program Partners.

  • What is the Earth Connections Alliance?
  • What is a Program Partner? What are you committing to?
  • What is a Pathway? How can Program Partners Strengthen Pathways?
  • What is the Consulting Corps? Why would I want to nominate someone?
  • What is the EarthConnections Community of Practice? How will it help my program?
  • Why would I want to do this? What would my program gain? Is there money involved?

To become a Program Partner, please fill out the express interest form