Planning Tools

Developed during the initial EarthConnections pilot, these Planning Tools can help you engage stakeholders, stay on track, evaluate your pathway, and support communications. The tools have been tested and refined by the EarthConnections Alliance in conjunction with the development of the three pilot Regional Alliances.

Building Educational Pathways

The EarthConnections Alliance brings together scientists, educators, and community leaders the create locally contextualized pathways for students that emphasize connections between science and community. Regional Alliances draw upon the assets and expertise of Program Partners, the National Alliance, and local partners to build and enhance these pathways. Learn more about Building Educational Pathways

Tracking Pathway Development

Using structured practices for monitoring progress enables EarthConnections to reinforce the shared vision of the alliance and enhance mutually reinforcing activities. The EarthConnections Alliance uses a Checkpoint Process to monitor regional pathway development to allow for routine reporting and communication on key areas of the development process. Learn more about Tracking Pathway Development

Monitoring Alliance Health

EarthConnections monitors alliance health using indicators for the five pillars of a successful collective impact alliance: common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and a backbone support organization. Alliance health is also measured using a real-time data analytics dashboard which allows for observation of communication and participation.Learn more about Monitoring Alliance Health

Evaluating Pathway Impact

EarthConnections is testing a system of shared metrics to monitor the progress of students along local educational pathways. The metrics and structure of the alliance facilitate opportunities to share data, analyze results, and adapt in response to that information.Learn more about Evaluating Pathway Impact

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